Dangerous weight loss plans to avoid

More often than not, most people are tempted to do very dangerous things in order to cut on weight as fast as possible. This results in more harm than good. In fact, most of them result in more weight gain. Starvation or fasting This involves skipping meals in order to lower your calories and hence [...]

The 7 Amazing Organic Diet To Lose Your Weight

The 7 Amazing Organic Diet To Lose Your Weight Losing weight is more than just cutting certain foods out of your diet and reducing your food intake. You can potentially speed up your weight loss by adding the following organic foodstuffs to your diet. 1. Grapefruit You probably know about the grapefruit diet but you [...]

Know How Onion Can Be Beneficial For Your Health And Skin

With a pungent odor, onions may not make its way to your heart, but it definitely goes a way long in providing numerous benefits for your health and skin. Onions are loaded with antioxidants and various other minerals as well as sulphur, which prevent an array of ailments in the body. Altogether, consuming onions on [...]

Five Facts- Acupuncture Helps in Weight Loss

Acupuncture has been promoted as one of the most therapeutic allopathic remedies for a variety of conditions. With its origins in ancient China, it involves using fine needles inserted into specific skin points known as energy pathways, to produce the desired therapeutic effect. Trained professionals do it under sterile conditions. In a study conducted in [...]

Know How Tulsi Can Be Beneficial For Your Health and Skin

Tulsi is also known as the Holy basil (botanical name Ocimumtenuiflorum or Ocimumsanctum). This shrub is grown for religious and medicinal purposes. It is characteristic of the Indian Subcontinent and is widely cultivated in the tropics of Southeast Asia. It owes much of its benefits to the presence of an essential oil, eugenol. Tulsi is [...]